Extreme Burn: RIPPED // Workout 1 (Full Length)

I have a special treat for you today!! Here’s the FULL LENGTH workout from Workout 1 of Extreme Burn: RIPPED! Remember the DVD contains 3 Full Length 30-minute workouts! So be sure to check it out, here! It’s an explosive total body-sculpting workout that employs an advanced combination of bodyRead More

Full Body Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Sorry for almost literally dying in this workout! Filmed this quick and intense 10-minute total body bodyweight workout while I was recovering from my torn pec injury a little while back. You’ll definitely work up a sweat, torch calories, burn fat, and develop sexy lean muscle from doing this! Sooo…whatchaRead More

Crazy Abs & Core Crusher Workout

This is one tough ab and core workout! 10-minutes of straight abdominal and core exercise bliss. Sculpt, lengthen, and define a tighter and sexier midsection! It’s the perfect ab workout for summer! My last two videos… 45-Min HIIT Strength Workout Mashup: https://youtu.be/5Ib9rc2QZ00 Healthy Banana Bread Recipe: https://youtu.be/1WGgM0habzU   Join theRead More

Interview w/ Jillian Michaels!!

So before I get into things…let me just say how much I was fangirling about getting the opportunity to interview Jillian Michaels — a long time idol of mine. Last year, I was able to meet her and share the same sound stage with her as I filmed FitFusion.com promosRead More

Lionsgate BeFit x Metabolic Conditioning

More collabs with Lionsgate BeFit! This time, we’re bringing you another 15-minute portion of Extreme Burn: Metabolic Conditioning (TWO 45-minute workouts on the DVD). This specific circuit is from Workout 2 of Extreme Burn: Metabolic Conditioning. Be sure to check out the DVD or MP4 in the shop for theRead More

45-Min HIIT Strength Workout Mashup

It’s my 1-year YouTube anniversary! In honor of the 1-year benchmark, here is a 45-minute HIIT high intensity strength workout for all to enjoy! Burn fat, burn calories, build lean muscle, get firm thighs, toned arms, and look sexy AF! Thanks for the support y’all…it means so much! —- WorkoutsRead More

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe!

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This healthy banana bread recipe is AMAZING! It’s just the right amount of sweet, it’s perfectly moist & super tasty. The ingredients are simple…REAL FOODS! From whole grain flours to sweet bananas, most of the sweetness comes from the bananas and the healthy fat comes from the almond butter. NoRead More