Interview w/ Jillian Michaels!!


So before I get into things…let me just say how much I was fangirling about getting the opportunity to interview Jillian Michaels — a long time idol of mine.

Last year, I was able to meet her and share the same sound stage with her as I filmed promos while she was getting ready to film some new workouts. It was a pinnacle moment in my life / career — for so many reasons — read more about that, here.

Anyway, I got to interview Jillian about her new group fitness program, BODYSHRED. But honestly, a good 5-10 minutes was just me gushing over how much I look up to her. Anywayyy…..

MD: what makes BODYSHRED different from the dozens of other programs on the market?

Jillian: Most programs have a niche. They focus on a few modalities of fitness, be it strength, or flexibility, or endurance. BODYSHRED focuses on all of them. The goal of BODYSHRED is to elicit pure fitness, maximize its participants potential, and bring out the true athlete in everyone. They won’t just look insanely better they will be insanely better. BODYSHRED is the most comprehensive, methodical, program in group fitness. By design, BODYSHRED hits every major muscle group in the body from constantly varying angles of push and pull with all modalities of fitness using the most cutting-edge exercise science to do so. Plus, the classes are only 30 minutes, so you get incredible results without risking over training. .

MD: I love everything about it — especially the fact that it’s only 30-minutes. I feel like that’s the direction fitness programs are headed. How are you really able to maximize those 30-minutes in class? Like what are some things you do?

Jillian: BODYSHRED uses the most progressive fitness techniques — dynamic resistance training, PHA, HIIT, plyometrics, functional body movements — to hit every muscle in the body, from all angles. We use every possible modality: speed, power, flexibility, agility, mobility and balance. It’s fast, fun, constantly changing and evolving to prevent boredom and plateau and ultimately the results speak for themselves. BODYSHRED participants don’t just look better, they are better – faster, stronger, they can go longer than at any prior point in their lives.

MD: will it be too tough for beginners? Is it only for advanced people…or everyone?

Jillian: BODYSHRED has what we call the “Factors of Change” that allow any and every exercise to be modified or progressed for the off the couch beginner to the most advanced athlete. We teach our trainers the step-by-step progressions from range of motion and resistance to instability, plyos, and statics so they now how to safely optimize the BODYSHRED program for everyone.

MD: that brings me to my next topic. You’re going to be having an instructor certification workshop in Downtown Los Angeles, at the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention. Why should a trainer get certified to teach BODYSHRED? What advantage does it give him / her?

Jillian: There are significant advantages of a BODYSHRED certification. The first and most important is education. The program was developed by myself in conjunction with top exercise science experts to make sure that it is utterly state of the art and sound. No matter what your degree of education, BODYSHRED will facilitate a complete and total understanding of the most popular and cutting-edge fitness techniques. This will give you an edge over the competition and improve your abilities as a fitness professional in all areas of your business. Despite the fact that the BODYSHRED format is rock solid, it gives trainers flexibility. They can either customize their class using our formatted freestyle feature or they can use all of our preprogrammed circuits and monthly master classes.

MD: any other perks to getting BODYSHRED certified?

Jillian: BODYSHRED is rapidly entering into gym chains across the country. Right now Lifetime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, X Sport, Crunch, etc. all offer BODYSHRED classes and are looking for certified BODYSHRED instructors. In addition, the BODYSHRED certification will count toward their continuing education units. Once the instructor is certified, we continue to support them with ShredNET. It’s an online portal where they have access to a variety of tools and support including new monthly master classes, 200+ movement videos, tools to build their own custom class, continuing education videos, awesome monthly BODYSHRED music mixes, and more!

MD: one last question…what if someone wants to workout at home, doesn’t like the gym, or may not have access to the gym? Can they still get access to the program?

Jillian: Of course! I’ve created a BODYSHRED infomercial program which you can find at


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